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Tareren's NANA Manga Review


Rated: 8

I think NANA has a good plot, which is very relevant in our everyday's lives. There is no so called 'magic' in the way the both Nanas tried to reach their dreams. They went through so much troubles that is highly realistic in our today's lives. The concept of friendship between the two Nana here and how much they value each other is truly shown in a series of twisted events.

Not only that, each characters had developed well in terms of their personality, and we could see it being reflected in their actions, attitudes, even down to the way they dressed up. Yazawa sensei had done a good job in elaborating each character's personalities and in showing how they grow up to be more mature after each incidents.

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Tareren's Basilisk Tv Review


Rated: 7

I must say that this anime started out great. The twisted rivalry plot is one of the strong point of Basilisk. In each and every episode in the anime you will feel the curiosity and the tension in between the two sides. When it seems that one side finally has the upper hand, the other side will unexpectedly get back at them and gain the upper hand instead.. this goes on and on.. I really enjoy watching the first few episodes..

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Tareren's Da Capo Tv Review

Da Capo

Rated: 5

As I have said earlier, in the story, there is no originality, but I do respect the originality shown in the ending of each episodes. Another original trait that Da Capo has is the 'side episode' that it slips in at the end of the episodes (not in every episodes). This will shows one of the female character, and how they are related to this guy who has a cat head/face (pretty weird indeed) or a scene of them with the cat-guy. I found this very useless, and boring, maybe except if you are a huge fan of any of the female characters.

Another thing that I would like to point out is how they try to put in the concept of 'magic' inside.

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Tareren's Infinite Ryvius Tv Review

Infinite Ryvius

Rated: 7

In this anime, I like how each characters had developed in terms of their personality, especially in the main characters such as Kouji and Youki. Other characters had also developed quite well as the story unfold bit by bit. The relationship between characters had also been developed well like Kouji and Youki though some changes are too abrupt, like what had happened to Aoi and Kouji's relationship all of a sudden, and also the change in Kozue and Aoi's realtionship is a bit unnatural.
Humor is rarely found in the anime as I think it is meant for a more serious anime with a lot of thinking done by the characters. The thinkings done in this anime plays a big part in the plot.

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Tareren's Get Backers Tv Review

Get Backers

Rated: 7

I want to clarify that this is not a yaoi anime, though I said Ginji and Ban's relationship earlier, it is more of friendship kind of relation ^^
The presentation of the whole anime is quite nice and the story is presented nicely. The character development is good and well thought up. Sometimes it steers off a bit out of the focus, but it does not change the storyline flow much. There are a lot of flashbacks here and there in the anime that gives you idea about the focus of the story.
There is a lot of humor considering that this is actually more of a fighting anime, and the humor is good, placed nicely in between scenes and all.

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Tareren's Tenjou Tenge Tv Review

Tenjou Tenge

Rated: 7

I found that though the storyline is quite standard at the beginning, it turns out to be quite interesting toward the middle of the story when they started to reveal the past. I cannot say that the whole story is quite original as it is a normal kind of fighting story where characters tried to be stronger and everything to avenge somebody, but the presence of the unique characteristic of the school system and also abilities that some characters have had given the whole anime a nice touch.
There is a nice bit of humor here and there, though not really a lot (I like Maya's transformation a lot ^^). I think this anime is more of the serious kind of anime (definitely not light hearted one).

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Tareren's Kyou Kara Maou Tv Review

Kyou Kara Maou

Rated: 6

I enjoy watching this anime. It has good amount of humor in between, especially when Yuuri unknowingly propose to Wolfram and said that he is not going to take it back without knowing what he has done. Scenes between Wolfram and Yuuri is best humor scenes in this anime, seeing how Wolfram tried to keep Yuuri away from cute gals or guys as he is Yuuri's 'fiancee'. Another good humor is supplied by Gunter who constantly day dream and wrote in his diary all his feelings for Yuuri. The character development is also quite good, especially the main character, Yuuri, which changed from a cowardly to a responsible Maou.

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Tareren's Final Fantasy X-2 Tv Review

Rated: 5

I do not think this game has originality seeing how it continues from Final Fantasy X, in the same place and all. I do not enjoy playing this game, especially since I feel that this game does not have the 'Final Fantasy' feel to it. I think this is the worst Final Fantasy series that I ever played. Maybe it was because of the playing style where you have to choose for spots to go in order to continue the story, or the idea that you can change jobs from warrior to white mage, to black mage, to lady luck and all. Another thing that I do not like is how Yuna seems to act cute everywhere and everytime she had the chance to.

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